Arts & Culture

Book Bites: 24 Days of Christmas Stories

With Christmas just around the corner, the Morinville Community Library is expanding their weekly story time to 24 days of Christmas and winter-themed stories for children. […]

Arts & Culture

Book Bites: Cozy Corner Storytime Craft Kits

In this week’s Book Bites segment, Public Services Librarian Alliah Krahn tells you about the new Cozy Corner Storytime Craft Kits. This week’s craft is making a dinosaur with some leaves. It’s a perfect craft for this time of year. […]

Local News

Library celebrating Freedom to Read Week

Although the Morinville Community Library is more than just books these days, the printed word is still its stock and trade. This week, the Library joins with libraries throughout the country in defending intellectual freedom and the right to curl up with a good book, no matter what ideas and concepts those books may contain. […]

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Morinville News

Morinville Council Briefs

Following a unanimous vote from Council, four new members will be appointed to the Morinville Library Board, bringing the organization up to its 10-person capacity. Councillor Rob Ladouceur declared a pecuniary interest in the vote as his mother, Linda Ladouceur, was one of the potential appointees.