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Architects will design full facility, steering committee confirms

The Town will undertake a six-stage process for the proposed multi-use recreation facility planned for east of town. That was the word from Town of Morinville CAO Debbie Oyarzun in her presentation to Morinville Town Council in their role as steering committee during a Sept. 1 meeting.

The six stages encompass the Pre-Design, Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Detailed Design, Construction Documents, Procurement and Construction, Post-Construction and Administration of the new facility. […]

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Progressive Views Column: Town needs to provide quality public services

The role of government in nearly all matters is – and has been for centuries – at the centre of political rhetoric. This dialogue on what government should or shouldn’t engage in is what has defined the rift between left and right wing politics, and while many claim to exist at an equilibrium between the two perspectives, in reality all people fall more towards one of the two points on the political spectrum. These issues of the role and purpose of government face our community today more than ever, particularly with issues on the future of recreation and art within our community…. […]

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Recreation Open House offers insight and input

by Tristan Turner

Morinville – Roughly 150 people attended Council’s Recreation Open House Apr. 28. The event was held in conjunction with Saskatchewan-based architecture and interior design firm AODBT, who were chosen by the previous Council to provide a feasibility study on the arena and future recreation needs. AODBT gave a 50-minute presentation outlining potential new recreation facility features, location criteria and thoughts on potential partnerships that could help fund a new facility… […]