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Places To Go: Legal Mural Walk

There is still a little bit of summer left before students are back in school. Holidays may be over for many, but there is still things to do closer to home.

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Legal faces some monumental decisions

By Lucie Roy

Legal – The Town of Legal hosted a public meeting at the Legal School Sept 22 to discuss the community’s cultural vision and how the residents want to be represented. After the two-hour meeting, the decision is to have the residents of Legal present their viewpoint on a survey to be conducted in the next few weeks. The points in question include the location of the 20-foot wide by 30-foot tall steel monument (in or out of town), and whether murals should be installed on residential households… […]

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Visitor defends Legal’s murals

Dear Editor:

As an Anglophone Albertan from Pigeon Lake area with an interest in art and history I was concerned with an article in the Morinville News, May3, 2011, regarding the murals in the town of Legal, Alberta. A few weeks ago I was not aware that these murals existed until I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Chauvet… […]