National Column: NDP brief keeps electoral reform wide open

If one had to take away just one thing from the NDP’s just-released submission on electoral reform, it is that it strenuously avoids tracing a party line in the sand.

As leader, Thomas Mulcair campaigned on a mixed-member proportional system. But in its brief, the NDP carefully avoids pinning itself down to a specific system to the exclusion of others, or to a process to achieve a reform. […]


Province to raise minimum wage this fall

The province will move closer to its goal of a $15 minimum wage this fall with a $1 increase Oct. 1 bringing the minimum wage to $12.20. A second increase of $1.40 will take place Oct. 1, 2017, bringing minimum wage to $13.60. Additionally, the current liquor server rate will be removed Oct. 1 of this year. […]


National Column: Mulcair and the 70% solution

If New Democrats feel they wrongly moved to the centre during last year’s election campaign, they should resist a similar move to the messy middle at this weekend’s national convention.

On this, I am not talking about policy. I am talking about support for Thomas Mulcair, because numbers matter more than ever. […]


Province’s outlook goes from stable to negative

Alberta has gone from a stable to a negative outlook according to a report issued by Moody’s Investors Service. Despite the ratings’ agency’s change in outlook, it is maintaining the province’s AAA credit rating. […]