National Column: Young Liberals may taste defeat for first time

Reason suggests Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland does not seriously think Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals are headed for a “triumph” on June 7. Justin Trudeau’s go-to minister on the Canada/U.S. file predicted a big Liberal election victory at a GTA rally on Thursday. […]


National Column: New wrinkles in Wynne’s foolhardy hydro scheme

Kathleen Wynne is trying to shut down a lawsuit challenging her plans to privatize Hydro One. The Ontario premier would be wiser to simply abandon her foolhardy scheme altogether.

Of all the maladroit moves Wynne has made as premier, privatizing Hydro One is the worst. It creates no economic benefit for the province. Nor does it help the government’s finances. […]

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Local News

Alberta wins trade fight with Ontario

By Staff

Edmonton – A ruling by a panel of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) will open the door to an approximately $225 million market in which Alberta oil seed producers can benefit.