National Column: Cabinet retreat is a chance to learn

Summer ends for the Liberals this weekend. On Sunday and Monday, the cabinet meets in Sudbury for a two-day retreat. Thursday and Friday the full Liberal caucus will be in Saguenay, north of Quebec City, for two days of meetings to prepare for the autumn sitting of Parliament. Four days after that, Justin Trudeau leaves for eight days in China, a trip his office views as a high priority. […]


National Column: Canada’s return to NATO’s front line has air of familiarity to it

And so Canadian soldiers are heading back to Europe.

Times change and the world, despite a steady drumbeat of appalling headlines, is safer for us than for our parents. So the deployment of 450 Canadian Forces troops to Latvia won’t be nearly as formidable as the deployment to West Germany – often more than 10 times larger – that was Canada’s defining military commitment for 42 years through the Cold War. […]


National Column: Coffee, tea or electoral reform?

“Congratulations! You have decided to host a dialogue on Canadian federal electoral reform,” I read in the federal government’s new handbook, Your Guide to Hosting a Successful Dialogue on Canadian Federal Electoral Reform, as I walked up Parliament Hill on Thursday. […]


National Column: Effort matters more than pep talks

I like a good speech, too, just like you. Even when it doesn’t always line up precisely with the facts.

Canada’s Parliament has seen many distinguished visitors, but those who were there will be talking about Barack Obama’s speech for years to come. In the perilous hour, with Britain apparently pulling out of the European Union and Donald Trump the likely Republican nominee for president, Obama made a detailed and compelling case for a more generous path. […]