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Speeding tickets nearly quadruple in the first quarter

Some members of Council were fuming following revelations in administration’s first quarter report that show a significant increase in photo radar ticketing in 2016. Councillor Dafoe was so disgruntled about how much time was being spent at town exits he quipped: “I’m wondering why we don’t put advertisements up on photo enforcement cars so that we can pull double-duty?” […]


Letter to the Editor re: Article – Council puts brakes on red light and stop sign camera discussion

Cliff and I would publically like to thank Councillor Barry Turner, who intercepted Mr. Steer about the wording of the presentation. Having attended the Committee of the Whole meeting [Mar. 15], specifically to listen to this presentation, in our opinion it sounded like a sales pitch to Council on something that had already been decided on. Councillor Turner made it very clear that there has been no decision in Morinville to apply this technology. […]

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Week in photos – so far

Above: Twin Primeau students Sierra and Cheyenne Dunn make some crepes. – Stephen Dafoe Photo Plaisir de Carnaval George. H. […]

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Letter: Cardiff Road most policed road in the universe

Upon reading the letter from C. White, my first reaction was that the comments were a total exaggeration. I am sure Cardiff Road is the most police patrolled road in the universe, especially on holidays or weekends when unsuspecting visitors might be travelling to Cardiff or the golf course or park (i.e. photo radar at the South Glens entrance at 8 a.m.) Easter Sunday morning or on the days of the Cardiff Garage Sale.

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Council brings forward many requests for information

First with a request was Councilor Stephen Dafoe on behalf of 1st Morinville Scouts to see if Public Works would be able to assist them moving some small outbuildings from their current location to the landfill. The group had been requested to relocate and had previously moved two of their larger storage units already. […]

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Letter: Cardiff Road speed dangerous

I am at a loss with regard the imminent risks that many drivers pose on Cardiff Road due to their refusal to slow down. I reside right on this rural busy road, and while the speed limit solar signs are obvious, they are largely ignored. Rush hour times are that of the noise and speeds of a highway with commercial vehicles and commuters clearly off the speed limit, endangering every resident and their families, with blatant disregard. […]

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Photo Enforcement Education Night draws few to learn

The Town of Morinville held a Photo Enforcement Education night Sept. 16 in the cultural centre parking lot, something the current photo enforcement operator is required to do twice a year under the Town’s contract. About 15 residents attended the event. […]

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Letter: Pleased with photo enforcement session

I would like to thank those on Council who supported this session, Mr. Norton, ITS and Mr. [David]Schaefer for the presentation of technology utilized and available for traffic enforcement. It was instructive and helpful to be able to see and touch the equipment and have questions answered by all parties available last night. While not a huge turnout, it was nice to see approximately 20 people come out to get a better understanding of what is being used and what is available. […]

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Photo enforcement night to lift the veil on program

An upcoming event will give Morinville residents an opportunity to learn about photo radar as well as find out more about what the Town’s peace officers do.

The Photo Enforcement Public Education Night takes place Wednesday, Sept. 16 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the parking lot of the Morinville Community Cultural Centre. […]

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Letter: Re: Photo Radar Site – Along Cardiff Road

According to the 2nd quarter reports from the photo radar contractor, a total of 43 hours was spent in this particular site and resulted in 351 tickets. Looking at the total stats for the 2nd quarter (April to June), 43 hours represents 9.5 per cent of their total hours logged for this quarter and 351 tickets represents 44.5 per cent of the total 788 tickets issued for this quarter. […]