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Council and Administration have final standoffs on photo radar

Council has passed a slew of changes to their photo radar policy, something that has become a semiannual occurrence in Morinville. The changes, which also impact an upcoming Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Town’s photo radar contractor (ITS/Global Traffic Group), mostly are intended to give both the Town/Council and the RCMP more power to dictate day-to-day photo radar operations in Town. These changes came during Council’s regular Aug. 29 meeting, where all members voted unanimously on each amendment, and the over all policy changes. […]

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Cancelling photo radar early would cost Town $369,200: Report

Residents now know how much eliminating the photo radar contract early with ITS/Global Traffic Group would cost taxpayers, following a report to council given by David Schaefer, Director of Community and Protective Services. Schaefer estimates terminating the contract before its April 2019 conclusion would cost the town $369,200, and would cause a gross revenue hit of $581,172 over the next 19 months (until the conclusion of the contract). […]

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Council approves lights for South Glens

Morinville will be getting a little brighter following a unanimous vote from Council approving new street lights at one of the Town’s highest volume intersection and street. The lights are to be installed along Cardiff Road up to 100 Street (Cardiff Corner) at a price tag not to exceed $105,000.

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Council fumes about photo radar – delays passing policy

In another round of disgruntled comments, Council has decided to defer a decision on changes to photo enforcement in Morinville following escalating concerns over the recent massive spike in photo enforcement issued tickets in the last quarter.

The motion to differ was presented by Councillor Stephen Dafoe on the basis that he felt Council should see if Administration’s procedures for operating photo enforcement had the teeth Council is looking for to put some checks and balances into how the program is run in Town. […]

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Council puts brakes on red light and stop sign camera discussion

Global Traffic Group Ltd. owner David Steer and two colleagues came to the Mar. 15 Committee of the Whole meeting to make a presentation on the Town’s Automated Traffic Enforcement Program. Their primary focus was to give Council a first look at the stop sign and red light enforcement technology services that could be an addition to the program Global/ITS already offer. […]