Local News

SVS releases their Pokemon No! contest

Sturgeon Victim Services is announcing a fun, fact-filled virtual treasure hunt called POKEMON? NO! as a way to increase public awareness of the program in the Sturgeon region. […]

Arts & Culture

Pokémon was a GO in the park – returns next weekend

The Morinville Festival Society held a Pokémon GO event in St. Jean Baptiste Park Saturday afternoon, not only drawing plenty of Pokémon but also those trying to catch them. The event, a fundraiser for the society, included a hot dog concession stand. […]

Arts & Culture

Pokémon GO has got Morinvillians GOing out

“Enjoying an evening stroll in the park, or are you trying to catch Pokémon?” I ask the 20-something looking at his phone as he makes his way through St. Jean Baptiste Park on a Tuesday night. “Looking for Pokémon,” he replies, perhaps unsure why this middle-aged bearded guy carrying a camera is asking the question. […]