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Morinville councillor named in Calgary expense scandal

A Morinville Councillor was among 10 elected officials listed by Calgary Councillor Joe Magliocca on meal and drinks expense claims for last summer’s Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Quebec City. But like seven others of those officials who he supposedly met with, Councillor Rebecca Balanko says she didn’t actually have a meal or drinks with Magliocca. […]

Local News

Balanko enters race for Morinville Town Council

After thinking about the opportunity for years, Rebecca Balanko has announced she is finally ready to put her name on the ballot during the next municipal election. Balanko, 42, hopes to win one of the six councillor seats available on Morinville Council this coming October. “I love this community,” she said, “…I’ve lived [here] for 15-years, and I’ve raised children here. I’ve planted significant roots in our Town, in work, in volunteering, and in being engaged.” […]