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Record Revival: Vinyl is alive and well in Morinville

As you walk through the front door of Smith Music, expect to be greeted by a whirl of activity and sound. If you haven’t been there in a while, you’ll likely notice the place has changed, a lot.

What was once a singular, large open room is now a building split up into three unique identities. There’s a new massage therapy business there. And, of course, there’s Smith Music with its immense stage and new (not to mention, impressive) recording studio. […]

Arts & Culture

Ron’s Collectibles promises a trip down memory lane

When people talk about “the good old days,” I’m pretty sure they are referring to a time when TVs lived inside giant wooden boxes and, if you wanted to change the channel, well darn it, you had to actually get up off the couch and turn a dial. The soundtrack of “the good old days” is undoubtedly some warm, buttery music playing off a vinyl record, filling a room covered with wood paneling and orange shag carpet. […]