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Editorial: 100 Avenue plan about more than roundabouts

In the midst of the Great Flood of 2013 that threatened to submerge South Glens last week there was an interesting story that bobbed its way to the surface: Back in Morinville’s earlier days it was common for the downtown to flood, a scientific marvel caused by melting snow and rain that lifted the wooden sidewalks and gave Morinville youth an opportunity to paddle those sidewalks up and down the street…. […]

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Highway 642 Open House draws public feedback on roundabouts

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The idea of roundabouts in Morinville’s downtown core drew questions from some of the 50 residents and business owners who came out to hear the latest progress on the Highway 642 Functional Planning Study (FPS) Thursday night. The Town and province believe the project will create a long-term plan for 100 Avenue that ensures traffic and pedestrian safety while easing the issues that have stalled development in Morinville’s downtown core.

The FPS deals with provincial Highway 642 (100 Avenue) from Highway 2 to East Boundary Road, a stretch of road that is under the jurisdiction of Alberta Transportation. Both the Town and province are looking to find some alternative to the standard FPS… […]