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Editorial: What to do when you see a school bus?

The Basic License Driver’s Handbook has the following to say on school bus dangers: “The greatest danger to the safety of students on a school bus happens when motorists pass a bus while it is loading or unloading students.”

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: School Zone and Bus Safety – Slow Down, Pay Attention, and Drive Safe

Morinville RCMP wants to remind drivers and pedestrians of some important safety considerations as kids head back to school the first week of September. Road safety is a shared responsibility, drivers and pedestrians should familiarize themselves with their local school zones, and pay extra attention around school buses. Morinville RCMP are encouraging everyone to keep these safety tips in mind: […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Dave Foe’s View: Back to school means all eyes on the road. Yes, that means you

With kids returning to school this week, most RCMP detachments in the province are issuing their cookie-cutter press releases of back-to-school safety tips. Blah, blah, excited children forget safety rules. Blah, blah drivers need to look out for darting children with lunch pails, etc. No, the preceding is not me diminishing the importance of such messages, but rather what it must sound like to many Morinville motorists who hear the annual message re school and road safety. Seems to me people simply aren’t listening or if they are, they don’t seem to give two thoughts in a twin hula hoop about it… […]