National Column: Day of vindication for delighted Duffy

Had he so chosen, Mike Duffy could have left his familiar courtroom perch Thursday, made a hard right and taken a step on the long road to redemption.

He could have marched down the wide expanse of Elgin St. toward the War Memorial, veered left and into the Centre Block’s east doors leading to the Senate chamber. […]


National Column: Duffy a fading rocker on a farewell tour

The ol’ Duff doesn’t draw the crowds he used to.

The big top has come down, the circus has left town and Mike Duffy is stuck in the witness box in Courtroom 33, showing us pictures of his new foundation and parking pad at his Prince Edward Island home, detailing his medical woes and his bank balance, praising his wife Heather’s gardening skills and explaining the sewage system in Cavendish. […]

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Letter: Canadians deserve a democratic senate

Discussion about Senate reform is nothing new and it’s a discussion our Conservative Government has never backed away from. Canadians rightly expect fairness and accountability in the full range of government institutions that serve them… […]