National Affairs Column: What to make of Trump’s airstrike against Syria

In the cold light of day, here are seven observations on the U.S. missile attack against Syria.

First, it was illegal. Russian President Vladimir Putin makes that point and in this instance he is correct. Short of invoking the right of self-defence, it is a breach of international law to attack a state unless that attack is authorized by the United Nations Security Council. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Mr. Harper Continues to Misinform Canadians

I know that I was not alone in my horror in seeing the washed up body of a three year old child on the Turkish Shores that occurred last week. There is just one thing that is more horrid than this photo; and that is the response of Prime Minister Harper to the people of Canada – and the world. In the interviews that I heard, Stephen Harper stated that Canada is doing more than any of the G Eight countries to relieve the situation in relation to the Syrian refugees. All Canadians know that this is a misrepresentation of reality! […]