National News

Scheer announces new tax bill

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced Thursday his party would offer tax relief to young families by introducing the Supporting New Parents Act, which would remove federal income tax from benefits received under the EI maternity and EI parental programs. […]

Local News

Morinville hosts Budget Open House to little fanfare

Few people attended Morinville’s Budget 2017 Open House on November 2.

Residents had the opportunity to see presentations made by the Town’s Administration during the afternoon that day; however, according to the Town’s Corporate Communications Officer, Felicity Bergman, only two people attended. […]

Local News

Tax update shows municipal taxes to go up by 3 per cent in 2016

Morinville taxpayers now have an idea of how the Town Budget will affect their own budget with some clear numbers from Administration on tax rates. At their Committee of the Whole meeting, Council received a report from Shawna Jason, Interim Director of Financial Services for the Town, who informed Council that to support the 2016 budget, ratepayers would be paying approximately $61.40 more this year, based on a home valued at $300,000. […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Hockey arena or regional recreation facility – SO many questions – so little time!

I would like to thank our Council for the Open House held on April 28th. It was good to see more people attending this and sharing their views. Also, I would like to thank the group who prepared the Feasibility Study as this document actually included nasty topics such as – ‘capital costs’; ‘operating costs’; ‘revenue generation’ ‘cost overruns or deficits’ and not just the community wants and desires…. […]