National Column: Immigration issue is a dangerous game

The refugee issue has long simmered beneath the surface of Canadian politics. It was there when former prime minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government passed the infamous Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, a thinly-disguised attack on Muslims.


National Column: Michelle Obama shares lessons on racism, resilience in T.O. speech

It takes considerable power of personality to envelop 3,000 people in a conversation that feels like a family room chat. Michelle Obama, whose path has taken her from the public schools of the south side of Chicago to Ivy League schools and the White House, did just that – and effortlessly. […]


National Column: Pride proud to not single out groups

Toronto’s Pride parade prides itself on never shouting down – or shutting down – participants.

That may be news to the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter, which rained on this month’s parade when it ransomed the event. But it’s an important distinction, the difference between protest tactics and parade principles. […]