National Column: Deadlines undermine Liberal legislation

Deadlines can focus the mind and sharpen our work. For some, however, the ticking of the deadline clock can overwhelm the substance of our work.

This week, the Liberal government is expected to hand in its homework on two pieces of legislation that were expedited by deadlines imposed by the Supreme Court of Canada. […]


National Column: Electoral reform appears destined to fail

Among Justin Trudeau’s commitments, few are as time-sensitive as his promise to have a new voting system in place for the 2019 federal election.

And so, as the weeks turned into months and eventually into more than half a year without any action from the new government, questions arose as to how committed the Liberals were to a promise they had made when they were twice-removed from power. […]


National Column: Liberals pick up where they left off

For all the talk about a new activist federal era, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first budget largely picks up where Paul Martin left off – at least when it comes to spending priorities.

Improving the terms of the relationship between Canada and its indigenous people was front and centre on the former Liberal prime minister’s radar. At the time of its defeat in 2006, the Martin government was about to start implementing the Kelowna Accord. […]


National Column: Trudeau should push for UN reform

OTTAWA-When Canada lost its bid for a United Nations Security Council seat to Portugal in 2010 it was widely seen as a humiliation, an embarrassment, the dagger through the heart of Stephen Harper’s foreign policy. […]


National Column: Trudeau must capitalize on rare U.S. attention

Justin Trudeau is about to be the man of the moment in Washington.

But official Washington’s attention span is notoriously fickle and the prime minister’s challenge will be to parlay the South Lawn pomp and the red carpet into enduring Canadian influence after Barack Obama leaves the White House.


National Column: Washington awaits the “anti-Trump”

Next week’s White House state dinner will be the first such soiree in 19 years in which the guest of honour is a Canadian prime minister.

But it will be the first such dinner in memory in which the Canadian prime minister will be the subject of fascination by official Washington. […]


National Column: Trudeau, Morneau need long-term plan

It was merely a matter of time before someone in Justin Trudeau’s picture-perfect, properly balanced cabinet – a collection of the celebrated, the cerebral and the politically untested – was going to have to show their mettle with their finger stuck in a light socket. […]


National Column: Big hopes, but is the money really there?

It seemed like a political master stroke last July when Justin Trudeau and his inner circle decided to turn political convention upside down and run “modest” budget deficits.

The pledge helped Trudeau break from the pack and in hindsight it was not only a smart political move but a prudent fiscal decision. […]


National Column: Ending airstrikes needs rationale

Over his first three months in power, Justin Trudeau has undone many of Stephen Harper’s policies but until this week, he had not cancelled one that enjoyed more popular support than the Liberal alternative. […]


National Column: Mayoral support crucial for pipelines

Kudos to Justin Trudeau and Alberta’s Rachel Notley for taking the time to talk face to face about the province’s economic challenges on Wednesday. The Liberal prime minister has a compelling interest in keeping the channels open with the NDP premier. […]