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Morinville Council briefs

After a brief Administrative update, Council and Administration have confirmed their Oct. 15 meeting with surrounding municipalities on the rec centre project is a go. As well, Mayor Holmes confirmed the attendance of officials from Alexander First Nation at the meeting. The Town has said they are beginning to work with the new Architectural and project management firm hired for the project (ATB) in preparation for this meeting and their introductions to surrounding municipalities. […]

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Editorial & Opinion

Editorial: Property crime is everyone’s problem

Let’s do a headcount shall we. Youth centre window torched twice, window broken once, back door busted once, maybe twice. Those expensive metal town logos on the Centennial Fountain ripped off the bricks and probably now hanging proudly in some lay-about’s bedroom, which is in turn in his mom and dad’s basement… […]

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Morinville Youth Centre hit yet again

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – A week after taking a blow torch to the Plexiglas door of the Morinville Youth Center in an attempt to gain access, thieves returned with their gear over the weekend and succeeded this time around. Sometime over the May 11 weekend, unknown individuals burned through the Plexiglas door of the centre, allowing access to the facility.

RCMP confirmed Monday that after entering the facility, the thief or thieves stole an X-Box and Wii console systems and video games. All equipment of value was to be removed from the facility … […]

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Local News

Legal looking to bridge gap between seniors and youth

By Stephen Dafoe

Legal – We’ve all seen it and many of us have done it. A group of teenagers come walking down the street towards us and we cross the road to avoid their approach. While the manoeuvre may avoid that particular interaction, it actually helps widen the gap between youth and those of us who are not so youthful any longer. […]