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Morinville’s Youth Leadership Program enough to let youth council die: Fitzgerald

Council has received a thorough presentation from Morinville’s Youth Leadership and Outreach Worker Christine Ryvers, along with Community Program Coordinator Melonie Dziwenka on Morinville’s new Youth Leadership Program. Council received the report during their once monthly Committee of the Whole meeting Sept. 20, with all of Council present save Gordon Putnam. The program has received attention as seemingly analogous to the currently in limbo Youth Council Bylaw proposed by Deputy Mayor Brennan FitzGerald. […]


Letter: Morinville needs a Youth Council

I read with interest the editorial about the proposed Youth Council Bylaw. I think that if youth had more of a voice they would feel more welcome, accepted and valued by their Mayor and Council. If youth thought that their local government cared about their problems and concerns, they would be more inclined to take pride in their community. […]

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Editorial: Mayor and Council completely fumble on Youth Council

After a stupefying debate, Council has effectively laid down their opposition to the creation of a Morinville Youth Council in one comment: I like the cut of your jib, kid, but let the big boys take it from here.

While never expressly said, that certainly was the nature of the discussion.

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Council backs off on support for Youth Council Bylaw

After unanimously passing First Reading of a Youth Council Bylaw at their Aug. 25 meeting, Council has seemed to lose the taste for it in discussions at their Sept. 15 Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting.

While Council cannot make binding decisions at COW meetings, many councillors strongly suggested they would not be supportive of a Morinville Youth Council Bylaw. […]

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Morinville Youth Council Bylaw passes first reading

A Bylaw to creat a Morinville Youth Council received unanimous first reading at Council’s Aug. 25 meeting. The Bylaw was developed by Administration with the encouragement and direction of Councilor Brennan Fitzgerald, who has been championing the idea for some time. […]

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Schools and youth

Sturgeon County youth present awards

By Lucie Roy

Morinville-The Sturgeon County Youth Council presented their annual Building Block of the Community Awards to three recipients Tuesday during the Sturgeon County Volunteer Appreciation Night held at the Villeneuve Hall. The three recipients were Ernest Chauvet, Serge Froment and A. D. Richardson… […]