Concierge company reminds people how to put on pants in post-Covid life

Modern Concierge, a Canadian concierge company, recently commissioned a survey of 1000 Canadians, capturing their biggest concerns and challenges as COVID-19 restrictions are lifting. Accompanying the survey results, they have released three tongue-in-cheek infographics called Post Pandemic Primer to help Canadians get back to the basics.

How to put on ‘hard pants,’ how to eat in public and how to drive your car are carefully covered in the cards step-by-step to ensure success.

“We’re in the business of seamlessly making things easier for our varied clients, but we all know that our return to normal is going to be a little messy after months of restrictions and lockdowns,” said Modern Concierge founder Tina Iaquinta. “It seemed like a great time to humorously remind Canadians of important social graces like people can actually see you when you are eating at a restaurant.”

But the survey of 1000 Canadians showed some serious concerns in resuming social and business connections.

Of those surveyed, 27.2 per cent said making small talk was their biggest concern, followed closely (21.9 %) saying pretending to be interested in a conversation was their biggest concern. What to do with your hands was a concern to 12.6 per cent and wearing “hard pants” was an issue for 10.8 per cent of respondents. Eating in front of people was an issue for 10.3 per cent and how to hold utensils was an issue for 5.1 per cent.

Almost a year and a half of isolation has resulted, according to the survey, in 22.6 per cent of Canadians scared of socially interacting at a party. This was followed by 91 per cent concerned about standing in an elevator and 14.7 per cent concerned about eating in a restaurant.

Social graces were of concern with 26.5 per cent indicating they’d like to learn how to make small talk, 20.1 per cent wanting to be able to show positive body language, and 15.3 per cent wanting to be able to smile convincingly.

Below are the infographics.



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