[Morinville Online] is operated by Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc.

The purpose of the website and its associated Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts is to provide Morinville and area residents with timely, accurate and objective local, provincial and federal news and information.

About Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc.

Pawn Marketing & Publishing Inc. is an Alberta incorporated company involved in several areas of business:

• Digital marketing, graphic design and consulting for businesses and organizations
• Video production for businesses and organizations
• News and information websites
• Content syndication and book publishing

About Morinville Online /

Morinville Online began as Morinville News on June 11, 2010. For the first seven years of our existence, we published an online daily news site as well as a weekly print edition. The print edition was stopped in November of 2017 as it was redundant, given we were providing local news online on a daily basis.

Today, we are Morinville’s ONLY locally owned and operated news source.

We are not affiliated with any other online news site or print publication; however, we do syndicate our content to the Free Press newspaper as part of a special arrangement.

Advertising with Morinville Online

Unlike conventional newspapers that will take as many ads as possible and make their paper bigger to fit them, Morinville Online limits the number of ads we take and the number of clients we work with.

Simply put, our advertisers are long-time advertisers who understand what we do and what we do best for them. In this sense, we approach ads more like an advertising agency than a newspaper.

We do welcome new long-term advertising clients and do our best to accommodate advertisers who need a one-off or short-term ad.

Contact Us

Please call us at 780-800-3619 or email us through our contact page.

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