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Letter: Library updates status under new restrictions

Following the September 16 announcement from the Government of Alberta, the Morinville Community Library Board has opted for the additional Covid-19 restrictions, including 1/3 of normal maximum building occupancy, mandatory masks for those without medical exemptions, and mandatory social distancing. […]

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Editorial: What a shit show

After his $100 vaccine bounty failed to get results and hospitalizations continued to rise, Jason Kenney must have downloaded into his Fruit of the Looms before downloading more grief and responsibility on Alberta’s businesses, particularly restaurants and bars. […]

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Jiffy Lube looking for businesses to help with Sturgeon Victim Services fundraiser

We are trying to raise funds for Sturgeon Victim Services, They are in need of a vehicle to run their program, Jiffy Lube Morinville is covering the costs for detailing and maintenance.  Jordan and Craig will be going from business to business asking each for a donation of $100 to help cover the lease/purchase costs. […]

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Letter: UCP need to enact Bill 1 against hospital protestors

The Alberta Party finds it reprehensible that anyone would plan or participate in protests at hospitals across the country tomorrow. These protests are only designed to intimidate health care workers and unnecessarily delay patients’ access to the care they need. This is not who Albertans are. […]

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Letter: Councillor Pat Tighe not seeking reelection

I have appreciated the opportunity to represent Division 5 as a councillor for the past two terms. I am proud of zero tax increases over the past few years as well as many road improvements in Sturgeon, and especially in Division 5. […]

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Letter: Website makes comparing party platforms easy

I’m a 20-year-old web designer and aspiring journalist. Since I was 15, I’ve run a website called VoteMate.org that puts all the info about candidates, parties, and their policies in one place, side-by-side. […]

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Letter from the Legion President

Saturday, September 11, 2021 marks the 20 Anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre. I have taken some time to reflect on my feelings of the happenings in Afghanistan along with my 34 years of service as a Combat Veteran serving in all 3 Battalions.  (PPCLI) […]


Opinion: When is it time to get help for your mental health?

(NC) Canadians’ perception of mental health has come a long way. Far from the stigma that once made people feel ashamed to admit to experiencing mental health issues, nowadays it’s common for people to seek out supports and treatment. […]