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Letter: St. Albert RCMP educate public regarding fraud

St. Albert RCMP want to educate the public about another fraud scam that is not new but seems to be circulating in the community again.  A scammer notifies an individual that their credit card has been compromised, may state the victim owes money to Revenue Canada or the fraudster may pose as a boss or someone in a high ranking title from a business.  […]


20% off crop insurance for Alberta farmers

“This reduction from Alberta’s government and Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) will save farmers more than $55 million on their crop insurance premiums in 2021 and increase the competitiveness of Alberta farmers internationally.” – Devin Dreeshen […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: 2020 Adopt A Family Christmas Campaign offers their thanks

This year has not been easy. Mentally, emotionally, financially, take your pick, but yourself and everyone you know has been impacted negatively in some way by the Covid 19 pandemic. This was on our minds and hearts when our group first started to organize the 2020 Adopt A Family Christmas Campaign. How would we pull it all off when all signs pointed to the fact that this might be our biggest year of need ever? […]