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Open letter: We need to end the practice of cash-shaming: cash is vital to the economy and safer to touch than cards

COVID-19 has exacerbated fears that as cash changes hands, it becomes a transporter of germs and viruses. But is cash really any worse than your debit or credit card? LendEDU, a company that helps consumers learn about financial products, used a scientific device that tests for bacteria on a given surface to examine just how dirty credit/debit cards and cash really are. […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Nurse Practitioners pleased to work autonomously in long-term care facilities

The Nurse Practitioners Association of Alberta (NPAA) is pleased with the provincial government’s recent amendments to the Operations and General Regulations of the Nursing Homecare Act (NHA). Nurse practitioners (NPs) have been given the ability to work as the primary care providers in nursing homes, assessing residents, prescribing medication as well as offering follow-up care and are working to ensure they changes remain permanent.