Lloyd returning to Ottawa

by Stephen Dafoe

Conservative Party of Canada MP Dane Lloyd has won his third election and will return to Ottawa, albeit with a smaller percentage of support than in the 2019 election. The NDP and the People’s Party of Canada snapped up larger chunks of the vote total than they did two years ago. 

Lloyd first ran and was elected in the 2017 byelection when Rona Ambrose, former interim Conservative Party of Canada leader, stepped down from her seat. 

On Monday night, with 98.08% of polls reporting, Lloyd took 37,927 votes or 61.3% of the Sturgeon River-Parkland vote, down from the 77.5% he garnered in 2019. 

Kendra Mills of the NDP placed second with 11,890 or 19.2% of the vote. In the 2019 election, the NDP’s Guy Laforge took only 10.1% of the vote. 

Murray MacKinnon of the People’s Party of Canada took third with 6,234 votes or 10.1%, a significant increase from the 2.4% Tyler Beauchamp received in 2019. 

Irene Walker took 4,157 votes or 6.7% for the Liberals, decreasing slightly from the 6.8% Ronald Brochu received in 2019. 

Jeff Dunham of the Maverick Party took 1,154 votes or 1.9%. This election is the first federal election the Maverick Party (formerly Wexit) has run candidates. 

Jeff Willerton of the Christian Heritage Party received 469 votes or 0.8% of the Sturgeon River-Parkland tally on election night, a slight increase from the 0.6% Ernest Chauvet received in the last election. 

Sturgeon River-Parkland Vote Tally with 98.08% of polls reporting

Dane Lloyd – CPC – 37,927 votes / 61.3%

Kendra Mills – NDP – 11,890 votes / 19.2 %

Murray MacKinnon – PPC – 6,234 votes / 10.1 %

Irene Walker – Liberal – 4,157 votes /6.7 %

Jeff Dunham – Maverick – 1,154 / 1.9 %

Jeff Willerton – CHP – 469 votes /0.8 %

Voter turnout (excluding election day registrants) = 65.36%

Federally, it’s the same old, same old

The $610 million snap election returned similar seats for the two front runners and another minority government, as was the case before the election.  

Early indications of a Liberal minority panned out on election night, with Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole taking roughly the same number of seats as they had when the election was called in August. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP was poised to increase from 24 seats to 26. As of this writing, the Greens were looking to take 2 seats, while the PPC was on track to take none. Both the Green and PPC leaders did not win their seats.