Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association meets with Legal and area residents

by Lucie Roy
Members of the Sturgeon Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) and Sturgeon County Division 5 Councillor Deanna Stang were in Legal on Friday night at BigMouth McGee’s.
It was an opportunity for the community to bring forth their concerns on safety, security, and crime, and to meet members of SRCWA.
Discussions arose around the increase in counterfeit money, especially $50 bills and handouts from the Bank of Canada containing a transparent sleeve and brochure on how to check the five security features in your cash.
RCMP online crime reporting APP, membership process, procedures, projects and agenda items moving forward were also discussed.
Members from SRCWA included Vice President Dan Hrycyk, Zone Director Viviane Pezer, and Colleen Prefontaine.
More information on meeting times and locations may be found on their SRCWA Facebook page.
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