Province offering $150 in electricity rebates, NDP say it’s too little, too late

The Government of Alberta announced Wednesday that almost two million Albertans will receive $50 rebates on their electricity bills. That $50 credit will continue for July, August and September for a total of $150 in rebates.

Albertans who have consumed electricity within the past calendar year, up to a maximum of 250-megawatt hours per year, are automatically eligible for the rebates.

“We are providing targeted support to help hard-working Albertans deal with the rising cost of living,” said MLA Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity. “These rebates, combined with the fuel tax exemption and upcoming natural gas rebate, will help the large majority of Alberta households pay their bills while we make the long-term changes needed to make energy more affordable in the years ahead.”

Alberta’s Opposition NDP was not impressed with Wednesday’s announcement

“This is the definition of ‘too little, too late,’” said Kathleen Ganley, NDP Critic for Energy. “It’s been more than three months since Travis Toews promised these rebates and even more since they were needed. That’s months of punishing bills that have soared by hundreds of dollars above what Albertans paid last year.”

Ganley went on to say that while $50 is something, it doesn’t “put a dent” in the electricity bill, nor other costs the UCP has piled onto Alberta families.

“The UCP still hasn’t gotten their act together for natural gas rebates which they promised as far back as February,” Ganley said.  “Meanwhile, Alberta families are paying a billion dollars more in income taxes, more for property taxes, tuition, student loan interest, camping, and car insurance, all thanks to the UCP.”

The province’s energy rebate is in addition to a natural gas rebate that starts in October. The UCP also announced Wednesday that Albertans would continue to save the 13-cent provincial fuel tax for at least another three months.

“We’re helping Albertans save money through the fuel tax relief program at a time of need,” Premier Jason Kenney said in a media release. “While fuel prices have continued to increase nationwide, Albertans still pay considerably less than their provincial neighbours. We’re pleased to extend this important relief measure until the end of September.”


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