Fluffy Friends Bring Joy to Seniors at Heritage Lodge

Above From left: Jean Groner, Christina Bullock, and Anne Musick hold their baby chicks during some quality time on Monday, May 29. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

Although seniors at Heritage Lodge are used to guests visiting, they have had some unique visitors this past while—fluffy baby chickens.

Homeland Housing Activities Coordinator Courtney Farmer said Forever North Farm from Legal contacted Homeland Housing, advising them they had hatching kits and inquiring if any of their lodges would be interested.

“I thought since a lot of our residents used to have chicks and eggs when they were growing up and even as adults, I thought it would be a nice idea to get kind of nostalgic,” Farmer said. “They’re so cute. Why not? I thought they’d really enjoy it.”

Six chicks hatched; however, one was taken home with a staff member as it required additional nursing apart from the other hatchlings.

The residents have enjoyed spending time with the remaining five.

“I used to have about 200 of them at this time of year,” said Heritage Lodge resident Donna Hawley, adding having the baby chicks on hand brings back good memories.

Another resident that was happy to see the fluffy fowl is Anne Musick. “Oh, we’re having great fun having the chicks here,” she said. “They’re so cute.”

Courtney Farmer said the chicks would stay with the residents until the week of June 5.

Heritage Lodge resident Donna Hawley with her chick. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Heritage Lodge resident Jean Groner with one of the baby chicks. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Heritage Lodge resident Christina Bullock holds her baby chick. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Heritage Lodge resident Anne Musick said having the baby chicks around has been great fun. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

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