Unveiling the Dual Nature: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Took the Stage


by Stephen Dafoe

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde brought Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale of good vs. evil to the Morinville Community Cultural Centre stage for one night only on Friday, June 9.

Stevenson’s novella is about the duality of human nature and the consequences of repressing one’s darker impulses. The story follows the respected London lawyer, Gabriel John Utterson, as he investigates the peculiar relationship between the mild-mannered Dr. Henry Jekyll and the sinister Edward Hyde. As Utterson delves deeper into the mystery, he unravels the disturbing truth that Jekyll has created a potion that transforms him into Hyde, a vicious and uncontrollable alter ego. 

Morinville Community High School students Avry Thompson and Janessa Piche were the show’s directors, bringing the novella to the stage. 

Like Stevenson’s novella, the MCHS production beautifully captured the psychological struggle between good and evil, revealing the arising consequences when one attempts to separate opposing forces within oneself. 

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde saw MCHS Grade 9 student Drew Kolotyluk masterfully play both sides of Stevenson’s titular characters. Sofiya Chvojka played Helen and EllieTatti, her fiance Enfield. Avery Pelletier in the role of the butler and Alana Mathieu in the parts of butler and maid served as narrators for the performance and the voices of conscience in Jekyll’s ear. Dalice Brown played Cybel, Chase Jones played Lanyan, and Taryn Meyer played Utterson. Elizabeth Nelson and Tyson Elliott played supporting ensemble roles. 

The one-night show was the first time the school had put on this type of performance since 2019’s 1984 due to the COVID pandemic.

Before the weekend performance, MCHS teacher Vanessa King said Morinville is an incredibly supportive community and that MCHS has always been grateful for the local support they have felt for their program. 

“We hope to continue to bring quality theatrical entertainment to our valued audience,” King said. 

From left: Mr. Hyde (Drew Kolotyluk), the maid (Alana Mathieu), and the butler (Avery Pelletier) talk about Hyde’s situation. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Mr. Hyde (Drew Kolotyluk) prepares another batch of the formula. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

From left: Mr. Hyde (Drew Kolotyluk) rests in Cybel’s (Dalice Brown) chamber. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

From left: Lifelong friends Dr. Hastie Lanyon (Chase Jones), Dr. Henry Jekyll (Drew Kolotyluk) and Gabriel John Utterson (Taryn Meyer ). 

From left: Helen (Sofiya Chvojka ) and her fiance Enfield (EllieTatti) are let in by serving staff (Elisabeth Nelson). 

Below is a gallery of photos from the performance.

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