Sturgeon County welcomes newest class of firefighters

Above from left to right: Norman Quilichini (Station 1, Calahoo), Isaac Elliot (Station 4, Namao), Brendon Gogo (Station 3, Legal), Cole McQuade (Station 5, Bon Accord), Payson Saunders (Station 5, Bon Accord), Owan Cowan (Station 7, Redwater), Brandon Spilsbury (Station 3, Legal), Christine Matkea (Station 1, Calahoo), Hannah Black-Wallis (Station 4, Namao), Teri Fralick (Station 4, Namao), Daniel Taal (Station 7, Redwater), Devin Mackay (Station 4, Namao), Hyland Dalman (Station 5, Bon Accord), Ryan Condon (Station 4, Namao), Tyson Lewis (Station 5, Bon Accord) and Brian Martin (Station 7, Redwater). – submitted photo

by Morinville Online Staff

Sturgeon County Fire Department proudly welcomed sixteen newly-trained firefighters who are now ready to respond to emergency calls in the area. The new recruits have completed their professional firefighter training and are prepared to tackle emergencies head-on.

Sturgeon County Fire Chief Pat Mahoney expressed his appreciation for their efforts. “These firefighters dedicated a tremendous amount of time in their evenings and weekends to complete this training, which prepares them with the knowledge and skills needed to respond to emergencies in our communities,” Mahoney said. “We are proud to have them on our team and responding in the community.”

Sturgeon County says the newly trained firefighters successfully completed the National Fire Protection Association Level 1 training, the gold standard for professional firefighters. NFP Level 1  is a comprehensive six-month program that equips them with essential firefighting techniques, including tactical ventilation and fire suppression. Additionally, the firefighters received training in vehicle and machinery extrication, hazardous materials response, and various other crucial skills.

These firefighters will be stationed at the five locations managed and operated by Sturgeon County: Bon Accord, Calahoo, Legal, Namao, and Redwater. Sturgeon County Emergency Services operates round the clock, providing rapid response to various emergencies, including residential, rural, and industrial fire calls, as well as vehicle collisions and medical emergencies.


For more information on the Sturgeon County Fire Department and their newest firefighter recruits, please contact Pat Mahoney, Sturgeon County Fire Chief.

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