Alberta Native Bee Council Celebrates Pollinator Week

by Morinville Online Staff

The Alberta Native Bee Council will celebrate Pollinator Week from June 19 to June 25. This week-long event aims to raise awareness about the crucial role of native bees in maintaining healthy ecosystems and supporting food production through pollination. 

Native bees are the unsung heroes that tirelessly pollinate flowers and crops, ensuring the production of the food we enjoy. The Alberta Native Bee Council, in collaboration with partners and supporters, has organized a lineup of events and activities to educate and inspire Albertans.

Pollinator Week will feature Pollinator Walks in Edmonton, Pincher Creek, and Ellis Bird Farm near Red Deer. These guided walks offer a unique learning opportunity about native bees and their habitats. Limited space is available.

In addition to the Pollinator Walks, various organizations across Alberta will host their own events throughout the week. Residents are advised to check local media and the Alberta Native Bee Council’s website for event details.

To support native bee conservation and have a chance to win a cash prize, the council is hosting an exciting 50/50 draw. Participants not only contribute to native bee preservation but also have the opportunity to win a generous cash prize. All funds raised will directly support educational programs, research, and the development of sustainable bee habitats in Alberta. Visit the Alberta Native Bee Council’s website for draw details.

The Alberta Native Bee Council encourages individuals to continue their efforts beyond Pollinator Week. Planting native flowers or ornamental varieties, reducing or eliminating pesticide use, and creating diverse landscapes and gardens are ways to positively impact native bee populations.

Citizen science also plays a crucial role in native bee conservation. Individuals can build a bumble bee box or solitary bee hotel using instructions provided on the council’s website. Observations of bees can be reported to platforms like iNaturalist or, contributing valuable data for ongoing research.

Spreading awareness about the importance of native bees is another way to make a difference. The council encourages sharing information through social media and conversations with friends, family, and community members. Downloadable resources for children are available to inspire young minds to appreciate and protect native bees.

For more information on the Alberta Native Bee Council, visit

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