Roseridge Waste Commission Implements Operational Changes in Response to Rainfall

by Morinville Online Staff

In light of recent rainfall in Morinville and the surrounding area, the Roseridge Waste Commission has taken proactive measures to address the potential impact on their operations. With additional rainfall of 40 to 80 mm expected and Environment Canada forecasting a tapering off of rain by Tuesday, the commission has announced temporary adjustments to ensure the smooth functioning of their services.

The heavy rainfall has resulted in challenging road conditions, prompting the Roseridge Waste Commission to recommend that only 4X4 vehicles attempt to navigate the tipping face. This precautionary measure aims to prioritize the safety of visitors and staff members, minimizing the risk of accidents or other road-related incidents.

Furthermore, visitors to the landfill are advised to be prepared for changes in waste disposal procedures. Due to the effects of the ongoing rain, individuals may be requested to hand bomb their waste into designated bins in the public drop-off area. This temporary adjustment enables the commission to efficiently manage waste collection while ensuring the well-being of all involved parties.

The Roseridge Waste Commission has also acknowledged that their site will require a few days to recover from the impact of the heavy rainfall.

During this recovery period, diligent efforts will be made to restore normal operations and ensure the landfill is fully functional, providing convenient waste disposal services to the community.

For information on site conditions, visit or the Commission’s Facebook Page.

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