Alberta RCMP Establishes Partnership with Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association

by Morinville Online Staff

In a significant move towards community safety and crime prevention, the Alberta RCMP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association (ACCPA) on Friday, June 23, 2023. The signing ceremony occurred at the Alberta RCMP headquarters, with representatives from the ACCPA board, Citizens on Patrol, Crime Stoppers, and Rural Crime Watch in attendance.

Through this collaboration, the Alberta RCMP aims to work together with the ACCPA towards the common goal of creating secure and healthier communities across the province.

The ACCPA, known for its commitment to enhancing safety in Alberta communities through education and crime prevention awareness, aligns with the RCMP’s Community Safety and Well-being branch. This branch represents a coordinated approach to community wellness, including building partnerships and working collaboratively with residents to reduce crime and increase accessibility to social supports. Going forward, the Alberta RCMP will partner with the ACCPA on joint initiatives and promote the ACCPA’s mission within detachments throughout the province.

The Alberta RCMP acknowledges the importance of partnerships with community crime prevention groups such as Citizens on Patrol, Rural Crime Watch, and Crime Stoppers. These partnerships play a vital role in addressing the root causes of crime. By working together, law enforcement and community organizations strive to promote safe and healthy communities, where residents and authorities keep each other informed and educated. Local community groups possess valuable knowledge of their respective areas and act as additional eyes and ears for the police.

“Engagement and participation within our communities hold great value for our crime prevention strategy and support our shared goals for community safety and well-being. This partnership with the ACCPA further strengthens our existing collaborations with other community groups and provides more opportunities for us to work together with our citizens,” said Chief Superintendent Peter Tewfik, Officer in Charge of the Alberta RCMP Community Safety and Well-being Branch.

Jean Bota, President of the Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, “The Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association looks forward to the development of this partnership and the initiatives we can undertake together. We are proud of our joint efforts and the ways we can now work towards reducing crime together in our communities.”

The signing of this MOU marks a significant step in the collective effort to enhance community safety and prevent crime in Alberta. With strengthened partnerships and increased cooperation, the Alberta RCMP and the ACCPA are poised to make notable progress towards creating secure and vibrant environments for all residents of the province.

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