Marion Peterson Sets Sights on Nationals in Cambridge After Provincial Victory

Above: Marion Peterson trains her bench press in Morinville on June 28, one month ahead of her Nationals competition in Cambridge, Ontario, on July 30. – Stephen Dafoe Photo


You Can Watch Marion Compete Live At 5 a.m. on Sunday, July 30 Here.


by Stephen Dafoe

Marion Peterson (left) has been training with her coach, professional Strongman and trainer Scott “Crusher” Wallace, for the past year. That training has led to her taking two national records for deadlift and combined total weight. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

After her record-setting performance at the CPL Provincials in Whitecourt three months ago, sixty-one-year-old Marion Peterson from Morinville is gearing up to represent her town and compete in CPL Nationals in Cambridge, Ontario. The prestigious powerlifting event will occur on Sunday, July 30, 2023, and will feature 90 lifters from across Canada who have previously qualified in provincial competitions.

Peterson’s remarkable journey began when she clinched the top spot in her division and weight class for full power at the provincial championships. Not only did she secure first place, but Peterson also set a new Canadian National Deadlift Record by successfully lifting 120kg (264 pounds). Additionally, she achieved a Full Power Total of 246kg (541.2 pounds), further solidifying her dominance in the sport.

Expressing her enthusiasm for the upcoming competition, Peterson said, “I’m feeling good. I’m excited. I want to go and hopefully get some more records that I didn’t get in the provincials. I really want to get my squat and my bench.” The determined athlete has worked diligently since the provincials to enhance her performance. Peterson revealed that she has progressed, increasing her bench press by five pounds, squat by 10 pounds, and deadlifts by 11 pounds.

Peterson’s coach, Scott Wallace, acknowledged the significance of these incremental gains, emphasizing the challenges of reaching higher weights at this level of competition.

“Training Marion has been really good. She doesn’t miss a session. She comes in, works hard, does everything I ask of her, and never complains,” he said. “She fights through any minor injury she has. She does what needs to be done.” Wallace also noted Peterson’s impressive gains in just a few months. “For Marion to have that big gain before provincials and now come back between and put on five pounds in a couple of months is huge.”

Peterson expressed her gratitude for the support from her family, friends, and the broader community who have learned about her powerlifting journey. Eager to make her mark at Nationals, she confidently stated, “I’m looking to take two more records for sure.”

Competing in the Raw Classic category, which recognizes the heaviest bench press, squat, and deadlift separately and the heaviest combined total from those three lifts, Peterson has her eyes set on breaking more records. Having already claimed the Canadian record for deadlift and combined total at the provincials, she now seeks to secure the records for bench press and squat at the upcoming Nationals in Cambridge.

Peterson’s story of determination and passion for powerlifting is genuinely inspiring. Starting her fitness journey as an aerobics instructor in her 20s, she later found her calling in weightlifting after training with Scott Wallace at his home gym, Crusher’s Gym. Her dedication to training and love for the adrenaline rush that lifting heavy weights provides propelled her to success in the sport in her first year in it.

As the countdown to Nationals continues, Marion Peterson trains diligently, dedicating three days a week to specific exercises.


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