Morinville’s Marion Peterson returns to Morinville with three national records

Above: Morinville’s Marion Peterson at the top end of her deadlift. Peterson took the national record in her weight and age group for Squat, Deadlift and Full Power (total weight for bench press, squat and deadlift. – CPL livestream screenshot

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville's Marion Peterson poses with her medals after her weekend win. - submitted photo
Morinville’s Marion Peterson poses with her medals after her weekend win. – submitted photo

Sixty-one-year-old Morinville resident Marion Peterson has taken three national records in powerlifting at the Canadian Powerlifting League (CPL) nationals, held in Cambridge, Ontario, on Sunday, July 30.

After her record-setting performance at the CPL Provincials in Whitecourt in March of this year, Peterson set her sights on increasing her individual and combined weight totals and breaking more national records.

There were four targets Peterson was aiming at in the competition: squat, bench press, deadlift, and full power (the total combined weight of the three lifts.)

In the March Provincials in Whitecourt, Peterson took 1st in her division and weight class for full power and set a Canadian national deadlift record in the deadlift with 120kg (264 pounds) and also for Full Power with a total of 246kg (541.2 pounds).

In Cambridge, Peterson had a goal of 89.35 kilograms (197 pounds) but hit 84.82 kg (187 pounds), enough to take her first national record of the day.

Having previously set the national record for deadlift in March, Peterson sought to beat her own record of 120kg (264 pounds). She surpassed that by six pounds with a lift of 122.47 kg (270) pounds.

Although Peterson had hoped to hit successive lifts of 52.16 kg (115 pounds) and 55.33 (122 pounds) on her bench press, she topped out at 47.62 kg (105 pounds).

Despite not hitting her bench press goal, the weight, when added to that of her squat and deadlift, gave Peterson a full power total of 254.92 kg (562 pounds). That total was 21 pounds more than her March combined total, once again breaking her own national record for her weight and age class.

“It was different for sure,” Peterson said of being on the national competition stage. “I was nervous but got over it pretty quick. I really enjoyed the nationals.”

A life-long athlete, Peterson entered weight lifting just over a year ago. She attributes her success to her coach and friend, Scott “Crusher” Wallace.

“Scott deserves a lot of credit for what I did,” she said. “He pushed me and is always there when I have a shitty training session. He is always there to pick me back up again.

Wallace, battling stage four cancer, also took national records in March and earned a slot at provincials. The multi-win Strong Man and Powerlifter said he is proud of his friend’s accomplishments in the sport.

“I am so proud of what Marion has accomplished. Within ten months of Powerlifting, Marion has set and broken provincial and Canadian Records in the Squat, the Deadlift and Overall Total,” Wallace said. “She is the undisputed best in Canada at her weight class and age division. Her hard work, dedication and perseverance over these ten months are unbelievable, and the rewards are well-earned and deserved. She is living proof that if you want something and you put the work in, you will Crush It.”

Peterson is thrilled with her weekend win and thankful for all the support she has received on her journey.

“[I have] great support. All my friends and family, far and near, are great support. I would not be here doing this without you all,” Peterson said. “I’m so proud right now I can’t even explain it, and just happy with my three national wins and national records for deadlift, squat and total.”

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