Editorial: Facebook has blocked Canadians from seeing news, sign up to continue to get it

We’ll make this short.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government decided to meddle in independent news by insisting big tech pay for the links we voluntarily share or encourage others to share to help generate traffic.

As a result, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company Meta has told the government to piss off and blocked all news from being seen by Canadian users. Not only has Facebook blocked our news content, we cannot even post an image of a bird or a smiling kid at an event.

Fortunately for us, the vast majority of our traffic each day is direct to our news site, MorinvilleNews.com or via Google News and or search. That could be blocked next.

For those of you who get the majority of your news links via Facebook, and who have stumbled here, you can sign up for our daily email, sent Monday through Friday when there is news at 10 a.m. each day. In it, you will find links to the previous day’s news stories. See something you like, click it and read it. See nothing that day that wets your curiosity – delete the email.

You can sign up at https://morinvillenews.us3.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=945e53c44e6374e42f043e4ed&id=5f8aa10766

We will attempt to show local photos on our Facebook Page and may attempt to deliver key information there outside of links tot his news site.

Our mailing list is through Mail Chimp, and we do not share or use your email for any purpose but the daily email.





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