Alberta Open Farm Days offered lots to see

photos by Lucie Roy

An Indian Runner duck that stands like a penguin and runs rather than waddles, Mangalitsa pigs with thick curly coats of hair, Kune Kune pigs, heritage & wild turkeys, rare chickens, ducks and more put on a show for Alberta Open Farm Days this past weekend. Alpacas, cows and calves, tours of a barn and a cheese factory and u-pick flower farm were some of the many exciting stops to be made and to interact with farms in Sturgeon County.

Below are some photos from the weekend’s event.

The Indian Runner duck is known for their unique appearance. They stand erect like penguins and rather than waddling they run. They are a light-class domesticated duck breed. Just one of the many interesting animals seen at the New Beginnings Poultry & Ducks farm in Sturgeon County during Alberta Open Farm Days.

Dewlap Toulouse Goose. They have a large dewlap of skin hanging below their beak.

One of the many different geese on the farm at New Beginning Poultry and Ducks. This is a white Sebastopol. They have long white curly feathers.

Mangalitsa pigs originated in Hungary. They grow a thick curly coat of hair and lose their winter coats in the spring making way for their cooler summer coats.

Feeding some of the alpacas at the Aurora Alpacas farm.

At the Birchwood Meadows flower farm with Cory Christopher. There is an area for u-pick flowers, displays, boutique and much more.

At Birchwood Meadows.

Jeff Nonay at the Lakeside Farmstead near Legal. Tours of the barn and cheese factory were provided.

A Wild Merriam turkey.



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