Boisvert’s GreenWoods: A Tranquil Oasis of Biodiversity and Conservation

A chickadee perches on the tip of a stump along the 1.6-km trail at Boisvert’s GreenWoods, 13 kilometres north of Morinville. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Staff – photos by Stephen Dafoe

Boisvert’s GreenWoods, a serene conservation site nestled 13 kilometres north of Morinville, is a testament to volunteer commitment toward environmental preservation. The verdant haven, spanning 80 acres, was donated in 2014 by Halina Boisvert, a resident of St. Albert. Since then, the Edmonton and Area Land Trust (EALT) and their dedicated volunteers have maintained this natural gem.

This natural sanctuary boasts an old-growth deciduous forest featuring aspen and balsam poplar trees. A highlight of Boisvert’s GreenWoods is its 1.6-kilometer walking trail, providing an ideal retreat for birders, wildlife enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful stroll. The trail meanders through the lush landscape, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Birdwatchers at GreenWoods often view a diverse avian variety, with sightings ranging from flycatchers and sparrows to nuthatches, wrens, chickadees, and majestic owls like the northern saw-whet owl. The presence of deer and moose adds to the allure of this natural haven.

Spring and summer unveil a charming spectacle at the dugout area along the trail, teeming with lively frogs. The conservation site is thoughtfully equipped with nesting boxes, bat boxes, a bee hotel, and an owl box, strategically perched 12 feet above in the trees, enhancing the habitat for various species.

The site is To access Boisvert’s GreenWoods from Morinville, travel east on Highway 642, then north on Highway 28 to Township Road 564, followed by a westward drive for approximately 5 kilometres, just beyond Range Road 250. Ample parking is available on-site for visitors’ convenience.

For those wanting to know more about Boisvert’s GreenWoods, the EALT offers a comprehensive self-guided tour in PDF format, accessible online at https://boisvertsGreenwoodsSelfGuidedTour.pdf. The booklet offers insights into the biodiversity and conservation efforts that make GreenWoods a great spot to hike or watch wildlife.


Below is a gallery of shots of white-breasted nuthatch and chickadees, taken on Thursday, Feb. 1

A chickadee comes in for a landing on an outstretched hand. Bird feeding is not recommended at the site.

Below is a gallery of images along the trail:

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