Our Morinville: The Week in Photos

Here are some of the photos our and your lenses captured over the past couple of weeks.

A blue jay sits on a branch covered in rime frost on New Year’s Day. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

Elizabeth Hage sent us this great shot over the holidays.

The moon was at 44.14% illumination on the night of Thursday, Dec. 28. The next full moon, the Wolf Moon, is on Friday, January 6. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

The sun setting through the trees Tuesday tonight made for a colourful view. – Stephen Dafoe Photo

The Fedorah Hall, located north of twp rd 572 and Lily Lake Road, was destroyed by fire last week. – Submitted Photo


Peter MacArthur sent us these two shots of the Rime Frost on the trees Thursday morning. Rime Frost differs from Hoar Frost int hat it is made of freezing water from fog.

The Sturgeon Fillies received some development training on Wednesday, Dec. 28 from Wayne Gatza and the Morinville Senior AA Kings. See our article on MorinvilleNews.com earlier this week. – Submitted Photo

Morinville resident Marion Peterson has been training for several months to compete in a powerlifting competition this March in Whitecourt. We ran a full story on Peterson and her quest earlier this week on MorinvilleNews.com. – Stephen Dafoe Photo


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