Government of Canada’s passport mess wins CFIB Paperweight Award

Service Canada is the recipient of this year’s Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ (CFIB) Paperweight Award for the delays, wait times, and long timelines that held up the passport process for hundreds of thousands of Canadians looking to travel over the past year.  […]

Editorial & Opinion

Letter: Alberta Student Loan Interest Shock!

Interest rates for Alberta Student Loans have increased 7 times in the past year leaving newly graduated students with dramatically increasing debt.  On her Alberta Loan of $10,960, my daughter will end up paying $4500 – $5000 in interest when her loans are totally paid off in 9.5 years at the current rates.  […]

Local News

Resident starts campaign opposing reduced Morinville Leisure Centre hours

The physical and mental health of some town residents could be put at risk by a move to shorter hours at the Morinville Leisure Centre. That’s the belief of resident Kait Palmer, who has started a campaign, including an online petition to oppose a planned reduction in hours at the centre. […]

Local News

Morinville woman hosting fifth Ukrainian family

It has been a long journey from Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine to Morinville, Alberta, for the Korniienko family. Father Ihor, mother Nelia, children Maksym (13), Vadym (8), Kyrylo (7), and sister Tamara Sukhorukova arrived in Morinville on Friday, Jan 13. […]