Coming up at Council – Apr. 23

compiled by Staff

Morinville Town Council will meet for its second meeting this month at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Apr. 23, at Town Hall. Below is an overview of the major items up for discussion, debate, and decision. 


2023 Audited Financial Statements

Metrix Group LPP will present Council with their 2023 Audited Financial Statements, an overview of the Town’s finances for the previous year. 

The Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce will present a suggestion for a Commercial Service Upgrade Tax Incentive Policy on Apr. 23 aimed at revitalizing underutilized parcels in Coeur de Morinville. Recognizing the economic potential of vacant lots, the proposed policy seeks to stimulate investment and expedite development in designated areas by offering property owners/developers a tax incentive based on the projected increase in property tax assessment resulting from the development of infill lands. 

2024 Property Tax Bylaw

Administration is recommending approval of the 2nd and 3rd readings of the 2024 Property Tax Bylaw, which they say is based on aligning the municipal tax levy with the revenue requirements outlined in the 2024 – 2026 Operating Budget, 2024 – 2033 Long-term Capital Plan, and 2024 – 2028 Long-term Operating Budget based on previous council input. The annual bylaw is necessary to levy municipal property taxes, Morinville’s primary revenue source. 

Final rates are influenced by assessment values, and for the 2024 taxation year, assessed values slightly exceeded estimates, resulting in a 4.40% tax increase compared to the initially estimated 5.25%. 

The total municipal tax levy included in the bylaw is $13,152,824, reflecting a reduction of $42,265 from the initial draft. 

Owners of a home assesed at $350,000 can expect to pay an extra $127.14, while a commercial property owner whose property is worth $650,000 can expect to pay an additional $1279.11.

We will have full coverage on this later this week.

2023 Financial Overview and Surplus Allocation

The recommendation before Council is to allocate all surplus funds from 2023, exceeding those already allocated according to the Reserve Policy or other agreements, to the Capital Renewal Reserve. Administration says allocating surplus funds reduces the need for future tax increases by funding future capital plans, essentially “providing dividends in the form of lower tax rate increases over the next five years.” 

Administration says the proposed surplus allocation breakdown adheres to Council’s reserve policy and includes allocating 25% of net surplus to the Operating Reserve, surplus from snow and ice clearing accounts to the Snow Removal Reserve, and the remaining surplus, along with budgeted capital reserve transfers and committed amounts, to the Capital Renewal Projects Reserve. The administration also argues that the allocation significantly reduces the Operating Reserve deficit, ensures readiness for future snow events, and further invests in the Long-term Capital Plan and Operational Plan, reducing future tax revenue requirements.

We will have full coverage on this later this week.

Mobile Vendor Bylaw

The proposed Mobile Vendor Bylaw No. 11/2024, set for introduction on April 23, aims to regulate and facilitate the operation of mobile vendors within the Town of Morinville. With an increasing number of mobile vendors, particularly food vendors, seeking to establish themselves in the area, the current Business Licence Bylaw lacks specific provisions addressing the unique challenges posed by mobile vendors. The new bylaw would establish regulations regarding where and when mobile vendors can operate, including restrictions on road right-of-ways in commercial districts unless part of a special event and requirements for written authorization from property owners when operating on private property. Council will consider first reading of the bylaw on Tuesday.

We will have full coverage on this later this week.

Electronic Transmission of Documents Bylaw

The Electronic Transmission of Documents Bylaw No. 7/2024, slated for consideration, responds to a growing demand among Morinville residents for electronic delivery of assessment and tax notices, driven by the desire for timeliness, convenience, and environmental responsibility. With more than 4,200 assessment and tax notices distributed annually through traditional mail, the proposed bylaw aims to enable residents to opt-in to receive these documents electronically via Morinville’s Virtual City Hall software. The opt-in program carries no additional charges for those preferring paper copies but could save the Town more than $52,000 annually in postage costs. 

Traffic Safety Bylaw

The recommendation is to accept the Traffic Safety Bylaw No. 4/2023 Implementation Update as information. This report offers an overview of the progress and future plans for implementing the Traffic Safety Bylaw, including updates on the Dangerous Goods Route. It outlines amendments made based on feedback from Council and legal reviews, as well as communication efforts with stakeholders. The implementation is planned in stages, with costs and next steps detailed, including forthcoming amendments to the Dangerous Goods Route in Fall 2024.

We will have full coverage on this later this week.

Closed Session

Two items are listed for closed session under FOIP legislation: Non-Profit Relationsand CAO/Council Dialogue – Morinville Leisure Centre Operations. No details are provided on either of these two items.

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