Food For Thought Column: 3 basic cooking skills every student needs to master

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(NC) Fending for themselves and learning to cook can be daunting for post-secondary students, but the more comfortable and confident they are in the kitchen, the easier – and more affordable – it becomes. If your kids are heading away from home this year, make sure they have these essential skills.

Meal planning. Let’s face it, student budgets and schedules can be tight. But students can save money and time by planning meals in advance so a trip to the grocery store doesn’t have to mean overspending. Plus, knowing what they’re making in advance helps curb unhealthy food choices.

Seasoning like a pro. No matter how basic a meal is, if it’s seasoned the right way everyone wants seconds. Learning which herbs and spices they like and experimenting by adding them to favourite dishes is a great way to elevate a meal from average to delicious.

Using the right tools. Kitchen equipment has come a long way. Whether it’s a knife set or a good sauce pan, having the right tools makes a huge difference. That goes for appliances, too. New Whirlpool ranges have easy-to-use features, like multi-step cooking, that make cooking meals simpler. Using a smartphone or tablet, your student can send multiple cooking instructions to the oven that will automatically adjust temperatures so they don’t need to monitor a meal.

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