Guest Editorial: Council candidate Jackie Luker-Chevalier

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By Jackie Luker-Chevalier

Prior to moving to Morinville 4 years ago my husband (Joel Chevalier of Investors Group) and I lived in the small northern town of Fort Nelson, B.C.

While there we were both working as teachers. Myself in elementary and Joel with at risk kids in the alternate school. We moved up with a five year plan and ended up staying for eight years. Our experience in Fort Nelson was very positive because the town supported each other. We knew we would get more out of our time in Fort Nelson if we participated in the community and became involved. We did [this] by regularly attending town events and volunteering when there was a need.

When Joel changed careers from teacher to financial advisor we were given the opportunity to move back to his home town and we jumped on it. Since moving to Morinville I have been at home with our two girls, José 7 and Jorja 4. I work as a substitute teacher when available and volunteer regularly at José’s school. I also coach soccer, Fun Team hockey and teach a Learn to Skate program for the town.

Joel and I are surrounded by friends and family here in Morinville and have no intention of leaving any time soon, if ever. This is why I wanted to become more involved in the community to help make improvements not only for now but also for the future of everyone in Morinville.

I have decided to participate in the election because I want to be an active participant in making decisions that will benefit all members of Morinville.

We need to develop a positive image of our town within our own population as well as within other communities. Morinville has so much to offer yet I don’t think we are quite meeting our potential.
Therefore I would like to contribute in a positive way developing solutions to issues and facilitating growth and develop so that others see what a great place Morinville truly is to live.

Everyone has great ideas for Morinville but ultimately it all comes down to money and ways of decreasing costs. We need to find ways of bringing in new businesses to increase our tax base as well as incentives to keep the community members shopping in town. I would like to see more programs and facilities for my demographic (parents with young children) as well as programs for teens, which is definitely an issue for a significant portion of our population. Making Morinville a Green Community, increasing tourism, more community involvement at planned events, participation of all groups in decisions regarding our towns’ development, and opening the lines of communication with Sturgeon County. These are some of the concerns I have and would like to see addressed by our newly elected town council.

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