Town of Morinville looking for people to Pitch-In

A wall of garbage is created along a Grandin Avenue hedge by wind-blown litter. Morinville will be participating in Operation Clean Sweep Wednesday.

By Staff

Morinville – With the snow gone and the ground drying up, it is now time for the community to spruce itself up. Morinville will once again be holding Operation Clean Sweep, an opportunity for the community to come together to rid the town of litter.

Morinville’s Community program Facilitator, Tyler Edworthy, said the program set to take place Wednesday is an initiative through Pitch-In Canada.

“It’s basically where we try to get all the community – schools, businesses and residents all involved in a one day event where we sweep through the town and clean it up,” Edworthy said, adding the operation seeks to get all the garbage out of the ditches, parks and other spaces around town.

Additionally, the program facilitator said residents can help the overall initiative by beautifying their own properties, making sure they’re doing their lawn maintenance and cleaning up back allies.

But for the Town of Morinville and staff, who will spend several hours on the project May 11, the focus is a little more zeroed in.

“The one that we’re focusing on is the clean-up,” Edworthy said. “We’re out picking up garbage. The public works department gets out and sweeps the sidewalks, makes sure the street sweepers are starting.

but wherever the focus, the combined efforts of resident volunteers, students, business owners and town staff will get the job done, ridding the community of litter that has accumulated over the winter.

“It’s a big impact all at once,” Edworthy said. “It gets a good kick off to the spring and the summer.”

In addition to Morinville’s schools helping again this year, local businesses Morinville Vision Care, Alliance Pipeline, Dez Boutan’s Bobcat Service, Quinn’s Plumbing and Heating and will be pitching-in to help with the cleanup.

Edworthy said the project can use more businesses or individuals to join a clean-up crew. The clean -up will run from approximately 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Wednesday and anyone interested in volunteering can contact Tyler Edworthy at 780-939-4361.

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