Lost cat leads to positive ticket

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

From left: Community Peace Officer James Alaeddine, Carlie Burle and RCMP Staff Sergeant Mac Richards gather for a photo May 10.
Morinville – A five-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy are Morinville’s latest two recipients of a $100 cheque through the positive ticketing program, an initiative that seeks to catch Morinville youth doing positive things in the community.

Community Peace Officer James Alaeddine recently presented Samuel Dmytrow and Carlie Borle with cheques and certificates on behalf of the program.

12-year-old Samuel Dmytrow was one of two winners of the positive ticketing program for April. Dmytrow was spotted riding his bike while wearing his helmet and given a positive ticket by Community Peace Officer James Alaeddine. The safety-conscious rider received a certificate and a cheque for $100.

For five-year-old Carlie Borle, a missing cat lead to her positive ticket. The young lady was playing at her babysitter’s house when she discovered a loose cat.

“It was lost and when it came to us we didn’t know the name,” Carlie said, adding she did not know who owned the cat but that it was not hard to catch. “We were petting it while it was lost.”

But as to just how the five-year-old was able to catch the lost cat; it took a child’s touch.

“It doesn’t like big people,” Carlie said. “It just likes little people.”

But while her good deed has been rewarded for helping restore a lost cat to its rightful owner, the young animal lover will be spending her $100 cheque to outfit herself for bigger animals. Carlie is a horse enthusiast who said she’ll be spending her money on cowgirl stuff.

Dmytrow was stopped in April by the peace officer because he was riding his bike helmet. But while the local youth was caught in the good act while riding his chopper-styled bicycle, he decided to have a little fun at his mother’s expense on his arrival home. Mrs. Dmytrow said Samuel first told her the ticket was because his style of bike was illegal in Morinville, a gag that he carried for a short while before telling her why he was really pulled over.

Each month two Morinville young people are rewarded with a $100 cheque and certificate for being in the right place at the right time while doing something good.

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