Sturgeon County Fire Update

Submitted by Sturgeon County

Sturgeon County – Emergency Services crews, along with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) crews are continuing to work at extinguishing the fires in the area.

Current Situation:

• Crews responded yesterday afternoon to a fire burning at Township 580 west of Range Road 234, it is being held.

• The wild land fire that is burning north of Township Road 560 along the Sturgeon River, between Range Roads 224 and Range 225, south east of Casa Vista remains under control.

• Lily Lake fire is guarded and under control.

• An approxmate total of 3000 hectares have been consumed.

“The focus of our resources today will be on the east and north sides of the Sturgeon River. Crews are utilizing portable sprinkler systems throughout the east and north side to assist with saturation of the ground. Without our committed volunteer firefighters, results would have been much worse,” said Sturgeon County Fire Chief, Pat Mahoney.

Residents in the area should remain alert. If the conditions change and evacuation alerts are required, a representative of Sturgeon County Peace Offi cers or RCMP will be making the notifi cation.
Sturgeon County residents are reminded that the County is under a full fi re ban. No fire permits will be issued during this period and all previously issued permits are now void.

Operators of off-highway vehicles are asked to use extreme caution when driving through wooded areas and to ensure that a spark arrester is attached properly and cleaned of debris.

For fire watch updates, please visit or follow updates on twitter@sturgeonfyi.

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