Letter: Wake up residents of the Town of Morinville

Dear residents:

Are you aware that the Town Council just approved a debenture bylaw borrowing up to $2,675,000 to upgrade the Civic Centre? As we all know construction costs only go upwards and my guess is that the actual amount borrowed will be greater than the $2,675,000.

Several items seem to accumulate under one heading – more taxes from the residents.

Examples of these items are:

January 4th – Morinville approves budget with expanded staff intact – 14 new permanent positions at re-occurring salary costs of approximately $1,000,000 (Est. Pop. 7,500 equates to $133 per man/woman/child approximately)

Same article includes comment re: “The town is considering issuing a $3 million debenture borrowing for the Community Cultural Centre (over 5 years). Not sure if this occurred or not. (Est. Pop. 7,500 equates to $100 per man/woman/child approximately)

The new community center that is projected to only cover 30% of its re-occurring costs in the best case scenario
Civic Centre Upgrade – borrowing $2,675,000 (Est. Pop. 7,500 equates to $360 per man/woman/child approximately)

With due respect to the Town of Morinville council, these items were all published [in the Town’s weekly two page spread in the Free Press] and appropriate time given to each of us living in Morinville to respond if we took the time to read and interrupt the “small tiny print that outlines the important items such as Debenture bylaws”. Maybe smaller print could be used for items such as the Garage Sale notice, Grand Opening for the community centre etc. so that larger print could be used for all articles.

I find it interesting how quickly the Council can pass some items (such as the Debenture Bylaw borrowing money) and yet we have a developer who presented a plan to build a seniors, pet friendly apartment just west of the convent a year and half ago and is still waiting for the Towns approval.

As a senior on limited funding, I am concerned about how the spending will affect the community down the road and thank Councillor Boddez for raising this comment. Quoting John in his comment on this article:

“But maybe we don’t need to because we can’t afford it? Council needs to be asking “can we afford this” instead of “do we want this”. This is a simple question that needs to be asked once in a while by EVERY member of council, not just the one or two that we see occasionally objecting.”

I strongly feel that this council needs to stop and LISTEN to what the people who voted for them are saying. How many letters to the editor does it take? How many times can one go down to the Council meetings and express your view point (and that is only if you submit your request to speak in the required format so many days before the meeting)?

Linda Lyons

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