Coach’s corner: A disciplined approach to winning

Coach Scott Rodda
By Scott Rodda

This seasons’ Jets cannot be accused of not being engaged or passionate about the game and, in fact, one could argue their passion and level of intensity at times has put them in less than ideal circumstances on the ice. Although one of the least penalized teams, the entire coaching staff and the players themselves recognize that discipline is an area where we have to improve if we have aspirations to win. It is not always the penalties themselves, rather the timing of such that puts the team at a disadvantage; the numbers of five-on-three advantages the other teams have enjoyed are too many to excuse.

Discipline is not always measured in penalty minutes alone. The concept of discipline is also about sticking to the game plan, playing systems, paying the price, being unselfish, being focused on the task before you, taking one for the team and competing between the whistles. It is about both individual and team goals. It is about making sacrifices and compromises for the bigger cause. The players are getting that and the rewards will be significant if it becomes a part of their ‘game’. We have the talent to be successful.

As coach, I am certainly not disappointed of our season to date. There are many positives that can be celebrated. We have a solid team from the goaltenders right out, we have excellent work ethic, a close-knit group, and we have a level of commitment that is impressive. If we cement this in discipline the results will continue to be favourable. As the coach, I am looking forward to the next stretch of games to see how we progress in this area. The next three games are against strong opponents and it will be a test for our club.

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