Sturgeon County picks its stars

By Staff

Sturgeon County – There may have been no red carpet for winners and nominees to tread upon, but Sturgeon County employees recently recognized some of their own through the County’s STAR (Sturgeon Team Appreciation and Recognition) program. The employee recognition program seeks to give County employees an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of their coworkers.

Nominees may be nominated by peers, supervisors and managers throughout the year. Senior management met in January to evaluate all nominations received in 2011, and to determine from those nominees the winners. Four categories of award were acknowledged: Leading Change, Helping Others, County Ambassador, and Promoting Safety.

The Leading Change category recognizes innovation and efficiency, and was presented to Joan Agnew. The Helping Others award, granted for providing excellent internal and external customer service, teamwork, volunteer committee work, and helping in the community, was presented to Peter Tarnawsky, Sturgeon County’s interim CAO. The County Ambassador award is presented annually to those who act as ambassadors for the County, and who possess a positive attitude and outlook. Ambassador awards were presented to Collin Steffes, Kyle Reiling, Pat Earl, and Jonathan Eshun. The Promoting Safety award, presented to those who contribute to the County’s health and safety program in a positive way, was awarded to Ian Miller and Jordan Kluthe.

Annual award recipients receive a $250 Visa gift card as well as a crystal star and letter of appreciation from the County Commissioner. STAR awards are also given on a quarterly basis.