Local scouts paint for peace

Cub Section Leader Warren Olthius watches as Beaver Emma Shreenan paints Hayden Roddis’ face Mar. 7 during their weekly scout gathering. The members of 1st Morinville Scouting took part in the 2012 Global Art Project for Peace.– Stephen Dafoe Photo

By MorinvilleNews.com Staff

Morinville – There was plenty of face painting going on Wednesday night as 1st Morinville Scouting members got together to apply a little creativity to each other’s faces. Scouts, Cubs and Beavers paired off to take turns being artist and canvas, each using water-washable crayons to create a peaceful design on their fellow scouter’s face.

The artistic endeavor was Morinville’s contribution to the 10th Biennial Exchange of the Global Art Project for Peace. The project calls for people to create a work of art expressing their vision of global peace and goodwill to exchange with another person or group.

Scout leader Dolly Bolen said photos of the scouts in their peaceful face paintings would be compiled into a poster and sent to another group at some point in April. Prior to that the art will be displayed at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre at the end of March.

Anyone can participate in the Global Art Project for Peace. In March and April participants around the world create, exhibit and exchange art expressing their ideas of a peaceful global community – resulting in thousands of messages of peace and goodwill simultaneously encircling the Earth during the week of April 23-30. For more information visit www.globalartproject.org.

Scout Zoey Sansterre paints Jensen Snell up during the 2012 Global Art Project for Peace Mar. 7. –Stephen Dafoe Photo
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